Geiger Engineers has achieved international recognition for its innovative engineering of tensile structures, long-span roof structures, and sports facilities. The firm has successfully completed a wide variety of membrane tensile structure projects both nationally and internationally. The firm was established in 1988 by David Geiger and a group of former associates in Geiger Berger, a firm instrumental in the development of a number of permanent structural fabric and membrane materials, including TEFLON™ coated fiberglass®.

Geiger Engineers has unparalleled expertise in tensile membrane structures of all sizes, with a significant concentration of the firm's practice in long-span roof structures, both conventional and tensile membrane. In the specialized field of tensile structures, the firm provides membrane patterning for fabrication; erection and stressing engineering for construction; as well as design. The firm has invented and developed a number of long-span structural systems renowned for their economy and has demonstrated its ability to optimize more conventional structural systems. With in-depth experience engineering and detailing a vast array of materials, Geiger Engineers has earned a reputation for finding cost-effective, creative and technologically appropriate solutions to a wide variety of engineering problems.