BC Place Stadium Revitalization, New Roof

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada — 2011
When it first opened in 1983 with its air-supported roof, BC Place was not only the first domed stadium in Canada but also the largest roof of its kind in the world. Decades later in 2011 the revitalized BC Place Stadium reopened after a dramatic transformation, the key to which was the new retractable roof. The 60,000 seat multipurpose stadium's air-supported roof was decommissioned immediately following the 2010 Winter Olympics to allow construction of the new 39,800 sq m (428,000 sq ft) roof which includes a 7,340 sq m (79,000 sq ft) retractable center section. The existing stadium structure was deemed adequate to support the new roof which saved time, money, and materials. The new roof re-establishes BC Place's iconic status in Vancouver. Geiger Engineers led an international design team for the new roof and along with GENIVAR received an Award of Excellence in 2012 from the Association of Consulting Engineering Companies of Canada for the revitalization project.
BC Pavilion Corporation (PavCo)
ENR 2013 Global Best Project Award, Sports/Entertainment Category
A 2012 Award of Excellence from the Assoc. of Consulting Engineering Companies of Canada
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