North Charleston Coliseum Expansion

North Charleston, South Carolina — 2011
To enhance the concession services and non-arena event spaces, 10,000 square feet of concession courts were added immediately adjacent to the north and south sides of the arena. These spaces have self-contained dedicated kitchens and can be isolated from the primary concourse to serve independent functions and events. Suite spaces were upgraded and enlarged along with renovations to the primary kitchen. Spaces under the four exterior access ramps have been enclosed to formally provide additional storage and kitchen space. Geiger Engineers provided construction administration services for the expansions. As part of the upgrade of the North Charleston Coliseum itself, Geiger Engineers also designed rigging bridge structures and performed a complete analysis and evaluation of the existing roof structure of the arena for the proposed additional rigging and spotlight staging support components. Geiger prepared a rigging evaluation report and roof rigging plan for entertainment rigging in the coliseum. Completion dates: South Concession and Arena/Storage upgrades 2013, North Concession 2015
AECOM-Ellerbe Beckett
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