Lyric (Foxwoods) Theater - Stage Apron Restoration

New York, New York — 2014
The Lyric Theater's concrete slab stage apron was demolished and replaced with stage lifts for the production of Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark. Once the show finished its Broadway run, the production was required by contract to return the theater to its pre-show condition. PRG conceived design to make the Lyric's stage more flexible - a removable apron allowing future productions to employ downstage lifts and traps without having to demolish and rebuild any or all of the permanent stage apron. Geiger Engineers was engaged to provide the structural design and construction drawings. Sixteen panels bolt in place to create the stage apron. These modular panels are composite steel deck and concrete each with steel angle around the perimeter to act as framing as well as concrete formwork during fabrication. With lifting eyes in each corner of the angle frames, a single 2-ton chain motor can safely lift each panel. The under-stage support steel was also designed by Geiger such that any third or two-thirds of the apron could be used alone thereby allowing clear access to the pit below without having to remove and store all 16 panels. (Lyric Theater photo courtesy of Americasroof at en.wikipedia)
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