150th Cinco de Mayo Celebration Outdoor Stage and Effects

Puebla, Mexico — 2012
Geiger Engineers provided the structural and automation design and analysis for the 150th Cinco de Mayo celebration held in Puebla, Mexico in 2012. The outdoor stage set, designed to resemble the historic Puebla Cathedral, comprised a 60ft wide by 40 ft high central wall that could be raised and lowered in a drawbridge fashion. The central wall was flanked by two 50 ft tall side towers housing movable sections which could be raised to allow the side towers to extend an additional 30 ft in height. A 100 ft wide by 50 ft tall projection screen was folded into a downstage pocket below the stage deck enabling it to be quickly deployed at various times during the celebration. The central wall and towers were dressed in projection screens as well, providing the production designers with a surface on which to create a variety of visual effects. A network of secondary structures supported climbing ropes so that performers could ascend the wall and towers, allowing an important part of the production designers’ vision to become a reality.
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