Carrier Dome – New Roof

Syracuse, New York — 2020
The Carrier Dome at Syracuse University is a 50,000-seat multipurpose domed stadium serving Syracuse University’s athletics department and campus since 1980. The stadium is undergoing a dramatic renovation and transformation which includes a completely new roof to replace the original air- supported fabric roof. Geiger Engineers designed and engineered the new roof and also led the project team providing the facility’s new sound system, lighting, and air-conditioning. Geiger’s roof design is a cable truss clad partially with tension membrane and rigid panels, covering the stadium’s 23,250 m² (250,000 ft²) area. The design features an external steel crown truss supported on the existing concrete ring-beam of the original roof and is designed to support more than 6,350,00 kg (7,000 tons) of snow while still providing natural daylighting inside the stadium.
Syracuse University
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