Credit One Stadium at Daniel Island

Charleston, SC — 2022
Geiger Engineers is the structural engineer for the extensive renovations and upgrades that transformed the 20-year-old Volvo Car Stadium at the Daniel Island Tennis Center into the Credit One Stadium. The stadium opened in April 2022 to host the Credit One Charleston Open- the largest woman’s only tennis tournament in North America. The stadium features a new main entrance, a four-story Stage House, and premium hospitality suites that, along with new added seating sections, increase overall capacity from 7,000 to 11,000 patrons. The Stage House includes premium facilities for players, a VIP Club level, as well as areas for food preparation and back-of-house media and production. Above the Stage House is a large canopy shading a 6,620 sq ft area and capable of supporting up to 150,000 lb of entertainment rigging. The stadium is situated in a region subject to high seismic risk as well as hurricane winds. The lateral force resisting system for the Stage House and canopy is comprised of eccentrically braced frames (EBF).
$42 million
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